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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals - 17.1

17 - The Awakening Message : 1.
The inaugural message given at the 24th All India Divine Life Conference held at the Convention Hall of the Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, on 29th of December, 1973.

It would not be easy for many of you to envisage the purpose of a Divine Life Conference. At the outset I may take the liberty of pointing out that this is not a religious conference, in the sense religion is interpreted and understood by the popular mind. It is not the intention of this conference to tell you something stereotyped or to give you a diversion from the boredom of your daily life.

With the benign blessings of most worshipful Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and the grace of the Almighty, this conference has been inaugurated and conceived to point out to the human mind in general a way of extricating itself from the meshes in which it seems to be involved. Man has to become man in order that he may accelerate his progress to a state which is superhuman.

Mankind today may be said…