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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals - 17.3

17 - The Awakening Message : 3.

There is a very subtle, silken thread which connects our perception of values with the reality of things. The cause of the very observation of the material values of life cannot itself be material. To state the whole position simply and precisely, matter cannot know matter. If the whole world is only material, then the very knowledge of the existence and operation of material forces will itself be a work of matter. It would be a self-contradiction of the whole position to argue that matter can be conscious of matter. As you know, the constitution of matter is not inclusive of that principle we call awareness. There must be someone to know that the world is.

And who knows that the world exists?

Does the world itself know it?

Is it the world that knows that the world exists?

What do we mean by the world?

Our definitions have to be polished a little more. We have to become a little more subtle. And we should not follow the logic of the man of s…

Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals - 17.2

17 - The Awakening Message : 2.

Today the eyes of science are themselves slowly getting opened up to the truth of the matter. It is becoming self-conscious. Generally, we are conscious of others, but we are rarely conscious of our own selves. In the consciousness of the world of objects, of persons and things, and human relations and what not, we first forget ourselves.

We cut the ground from under our own feet and then go headlong into that arena where even the angels fear to tread, as they say. We are really in a pitiable situation. We are not so secure as we might be made to imagine. The future is not in our hands because we are rid of the knowledge of the future.

We are dispossessed of that real worth of man's existence and seem to be possessed of straw and dust and the husk that we call the material values of life. May I put a question – what do you mean by matter, over which you pride yourself so much and whose knowledge has given you a sense of confidence and a …