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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals - 17.5

17 - The Awakening Message : 5.

The world shall desert us one day. The friends of the world are not going to be with us always. Today's things are not seen tomorrow. The things of this moment may not be there the next moment. We do not know how many minutes more we have to breathe in this world. We do not know how long the heart will beat indefatigably. All these are mysteries beyond our control. Are we not Homo sapiens? Are we not human beings who are supposed to be superior to animals?

And should we continue the animal state of life and existence, of breathing, eating, sleeping and procreating? We have the same fear as the animals have. We have the same insecurity as the animals have. And we are subject to the same propensities as the animals are. What is the superiority of man, except that he can fight better and kill other people more ferociously than animals can do! Are we not here to utilise that rare endowment which is the prerogative of the so-called humanity i…