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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals - 17.6

17 - The Awakening Message : 6.

Man, beware of your own self much more than anything else in this world. You are your strength and also your weakness. Man can stand or fall. He has the rationality which can be used or abused. Therefore, let us not be afraid of material forces. Let us not be afraid of materialists or atheists. They will not stand before us. They are nothing. They have no energy. And if today Bharatavarsha, India, stands fearless and powerful in the comity of nations, it is because of an eternal value that she has been nurturing within her bosom from centuries. If repeated onslaughts and attacks could not deter her from her position and daunt her, if today Indian culture, Bharatiya culture is as glorious and powerful as it was, it is because of a rare value that our country, our nation has been embosoming in herself.

We need not be afraid of anything – not of atom bombs, not of any material force, not of any opposition. India is powerful. Our country has its…