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Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : 18-4. SWAMI KRISHNANANDA


14/08/2019 18.  The Purpose of Philosophy-4. ========================================================================= A talk given on the 1st of February, 1979, while inaugurating the 24th Conference of the All-India Philosophical Congress, at the Sivananda Ashram. =========================================================================

The question would arise, how philosophy can be related to life. My feeling is that philosophy is not going to be related to life. Philosophy is the name that we give to the way of living itself. They are not two different things. The system of living correctly in terms of our relationship to the ultimate Reality is philosophy. 
This is Jnanam or wisdom and this is Darsanam or true vision. We are not supposed merely to love philosophy as the etymology of the word would suggest. We have also to possess it. You may love many things but not possess the things. That does no good. And i…