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Bhagavatham Village:

Bhagavatham Village Trust is a registered charitable institution having its own office functioning in Cochin city near Ernakulam South Railway Station. The trust is headed by Swami Udith Chaithanya.

Bhagavatham Village is situated at Munipara, Chalakudy, near Kalady, the birth place of Jagathguru Adi Sankara. This place is in a serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the banks of chalakudy river. According to ancient scriptures the name Chalakudy is derived from chala (shala) kudy (hut). It is said that there used to be yagnas conducted in this place in ancient times.

Bhagavatham Village is easily accessible by railway, road, and air. The Kochi International Airport is just a few kilometers away.

Concept  and  Vision :

Bhagavatham Village is envisaged by Swamiji for practising the "Pancha Yajna" for the benefit of society and setting up an example for the whole world. Swami Udit Chaithanyaji, the Acharya of Bhagavatham Village, after graduation, studied two years' post graduation in Vedanta from Chinmaya Mission, Powai, Mumbai.

After serving Chinmaya Mission for three years, Swamiji was inspired by Swami Sevanandaji (the secretary to Acharya Vinoba Bhave) who had given a different dimension in Srimad Bhagavatham and all our Scriptures. Ever since then, Swamiji is spreading Srimad Bhagavatham, Geeta, Narayaneeyam etc. Swamiji was enthralled by Srimad Bhagavatham and the teachings of Lord Krishna for the self transformation of individuals and society through Pancha Yajna. For Krishna, true worship is performing the Pancha Yajna, not limiting to the rituals.

The first Yajna "Bhoo Seva" is concerned with our body (health). Only a healthy Earth and nature can provide healthy life. For that, we need to protect nature planting medicinal plants by which we can prevent and destroy many diseases from our body. A medicinal forest is designed in the Bhagavatham Village along with a "Nakshatra Vanam" where organic farming will be a part of it. 

There are many people who suffer because of many kinds of diseases which is a result of regular and additive usage of medicines. This not only affects their health, but also reduces their self confidence and increases their fear and depression. Mother Cow is such a holy creation of nature that can produce powerful products which can eradicate or root out the diseases and help us to live a "medicine free" life. The "Gomoothra" (the filtered and medicated cow urine) can cure various diseases. Pancha Gavyam and cow milk are exemplary in protecting our health. Promoting "Goshala" where the disappearing local varieties of cows will be protected is a mission of Bhagavatham Village. This is the second Yajna called "Goseva".

Indian culture is based on physical health as well as mental health. Without mental health, physical health can turn useless and destructive. Spirituality helps us to channelize and develop mental health. Studying of Scriptures, chanting Mantras and doing Upasana and practice of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation help an individual to become mentally strong and also creates a positive environment. Swamiji has designed a training program for the study and practice of Scriptures and Sadhana. This is called "Jnana Yajna".

Every individual wants love, care and respect. But, old people are usually neglected or ignored. Generally, our elders demand love and respect. However, more the demand, less the attention! The secret of love lies in the service or usefulness of an individual. Elders should useful to the society to develop a positive mind. "Mathru Pithru Seva" in Bhagavatham Village provides an environment where elders are trained to be useful to themselves and others. This will help them to deserve (instead of demand) love and care.

No one is useless, but used less. There are lot of people who get lesser opportunities to develop and express their skills and abilities. Bhagavatham Village will provide an environment where "lesser privileged" people can help themselves to develop the skill so that they can live with self reliance and self esteem. This "Deena Seva" will focus on physically, mentally and financially challenged people.

All these Bhooseva, Goseva, Jnana seva, Mathru Pithru seva and Deena seva are the five pillars and principles of Bhagavatham Village. This is our humble service to the mankind.

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