Ideal Living:-4.


An idler alone is satisfied by shop window gazing. Walk out into the world. Sweat and toil. Earn and save. And, rich with the fruits of your own honest labor return to the shop. Push, open the door, walk in. Approach the counter. Order the thing of your fascination. And come to possess it as your own. So too, never allow to feel satisfied by recognizing glories in somebody's life; When you admire the meekness of Christ, the compassion of  Buddha,the gorgeous joy of Krishna, the dignified sufferings of Rama,the wisdom of Vasishta or the dynamic philosophy of Sankara, never sit back only to gaze at them and in futile wonderment, merely come to believe them, but feel the urge to cultivate such a noble and divine personality in yourself.

Be aggressively good. Strive hard and develop these traits and come to live and express it in the world. Be a Arjuna. What they did we too can do. There is nothing we cannot achieve. There is nothing impossible to a determined, sincere and industrious man and woman of right judgement. Spare not yourself until you climb to the peak. Leave the valleys for others--the lesser ones--who are satisfied by the thrill of their crowded stink and mutual conflicts. You are not satisfied except by the sun--lit peak of spiritual perfection--therein awaits for you the realization of the true "HINDUISM". (end)

Swami Chinmayananda.



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