||Shree Ganeshaya Namaha||

Yada Yada hi Dharmasya, Glanirbhavathi Bharata |

Abhyuddhanam Adharmasya, Tadatmanam Shrujamyaham ||

Paritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Chathushkrutam |

Dharma Samsthapanarthaya, Sambhavami Yuge Yuge ||

Conspiracies of Western Countries against India to conquer by religion and resources:-


In this essay, the motive and message for all Indians is to be aware of the conspiracies of western countries against our country in the past and in the present to conquer it by its religion and resources. The explanation is given by taking the principles of Chanakya sutras into consideration and that to rightly explain about the present status of economy and ethics of our country and its citizens more particularly the Hindus.


India unlike today was very rich and prosperous in culture and heritage. The basis of prosperity and happiness of the people in the country was their doctrines and principles that they followed during the period. In that period, the Dharma or Ethics were all derived from the Vedas, Upanishads and all other Hindu religious texts in Sanskrit given by the great sages. In the ancient times in our country, the Education system, the Health and Medical system, Science and Technology, Industrial development, Knowledge, languages and literature, costumes and diet etc. were abundant and rich in nature.

In the era of Kautilya (Chanakya) 350-275 B.C., India was ruled by great kings who established kingdoms and set them as an example for the whole world. In those days, India was the only nation that used to run famous Universities like Takshasila. Visnugupta (Chanakya) was also the student of this University. He was a great scholar and very intelligent personality. His works include Artha Shastra (Study of Economics and Finance), Chanakya Neethi and Sutras (Principles of Management) and hence he was called the great guru of management.

Chanakya Sutras

Kautilya's research and study on economy and finance in general was based on these great principles Chanakya Sutras.


Sukhasya moolam Dharmah : The basis of Sukha (Happiness and prosperity) is Dharma (means the Ethics derived from the Hindu laws and shastras)

Dharmasya moolam Arthah : The basis of Dharma is Artha (resources, wealth and money)

Arthasya moolam Rajyam : The basis of Artha is Rajyam (Kingdom, Government)

and there are other seven principles down in the list of sutras that explain about the remaining cycle of a human being's (a hindu) state of nature, responsibilities and attitudes etc.

Understanding the sutras

Let us see a small explanation on the first three basic principles that make the nation and the citizens prosper and be happy. Every person on the earth wants to be happy and to lead a peaceful life. If a person wants to be happy then he has to live in the society which follows some ethics (Dharma) pertaining to the particular social groups and that has been framed for a better living. It is understood and obviously known that they are derived from the sacred Sanskrit Upanishads and shastras. Remember in those days, there was only one Dharma (religion) that was prevalent in India and that was Hinduism (also called Sanatana Dharma).

According to the sanatana dharma, a practicing Hindu has to follow some course of principles for e.g. get up early in the morning before sunrise and perform all the morning activities, have a bath, perform a puja at home or visit a temple and pray to god and then return to his daily mode of life. In those days, people including the kings use to come voluntarily and contribute money and wealth from their personal savings for the construction of temples and matthas and used to protect the Dharma as a major cause and strongly believed that it was a need for the righteousness.

In order to protect the dharma or ethics you need to have money or wealth that can be contributed in the form of donations and used for the propagation and expansion of the religion and its principles including construction of religious structures and also maintenance of the scriptures and texts. Hence, it is valid to say and to mean according to the second sutra, the basis of Dharma is Artha.

If we go further and analyze about the third sutra, the basis of Artha is Rajyam meaning, the wealth and resources of a country and people is in the hands of kingdoms or the government. The system is dependent on proper administration and ruling of the king and ministers who govern the whole area of domain in an organized and secured manner in which they have been assigned and elected to do so. To explain in a simple way, e.g. if a king and its army fail to provide security for the kingdom and citizens from being conquered by other non righteous kings, then definitely the king has to surrender himself or be killed. Later, all the wealth and resources that belong to the kingdom and people would be robbed away by the attackers. If a person's belongings, resources and earnings are being robbed time and again then it is understood that people would become poor and helpless and there would be no option left for them other than either begging or take loans with heavy interests and lose whatever peace that was left in their lives. So, according to this third sutra, the basis of Artha is Rajyam (kingdom) holds good.

By taking all the above explanation into account, it is clear that all the sutras are interlinked and help a human being to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Now, we are going to see how this mantra or the sutras of life and well being of the people has been disturbed by the foreign agencies to propagate other religions other than Hinduism by imposing anti-Hindu laws on innocent followers by taking the Rajyam (control) away from our leaders.

What laws and how they are imposed on India and its citizens?

The western countries had understood these basic sutras and their points of significance and have been planning to impose anti-Hindu laws in India so that the missionaries from different parts of the world can fulfill their desire of ruining the culture and wealth of India. First, these types of countries come to India and meet our Ministers to sign some treaties and MOUs in the name of development. Our political leaders what they do, they sign the MOU first and then the order or bill is

passed immediately in the parliament accordingly in favor of foreign interests without consulting to anybody or the oppositions. One wonders what these memorandums of understanding contains and that too they are written in English which I bet no Indian whether he is a Politician or Scientist or IAS or any Officer can understand the depth of this language. So, knowingly or unknowingly we are being trapped by these types of countries like mainly America and UK and without reading, thinking and understanding their points of view they are being passed as rules and laws in our constitution. And one of the laws that are passed recently is imposing VAT (Value Added Tax) on innocent citizens of India besides other 15 direct and indirect taxes all put together which are all unlawful and anti-Hindu.

This phenomenon of imposing forceful and unlawful taxes on people is made legal (remember majority people in India are Hindus) so that they are never left with domestic savings in their accounts or pockets. This means people are becoming poorer day by day and are unable to afford for their daily activities as well as for performing their Hindu religious or Dharmic activities. When poor people become poorer, it is definite and sure that the missionaries come to the rescue of these helpless people who are in pity conditions and show all promises of providing free education to their children and providing them with jobs and security throughout their life and so on and then force the innocent people to convert themselves into Christianity.

These Christian missionaries and other missionaries that run individually with the aid of their respective International funding and they are all allowed to do such unlawful activities by taking permission from the competent authority and government of India. Remember, all the operations and transactions they perform are made nontaxable and unnoticed in this country. Such a law has been brought by our government today without thinking and understanding the conspiracies of western countries and their plots of ruining the rich culture and heritage of India and put an end to our ancient religion Hinduism or sanatana dharma.

Apart from the taxes and other unlawful rules, one of them which can be marked as the most anti-Hindu law, is to allow and give permission for the Cow slaughter houses where thousands of cows are being killed for the vested interests of illegal businesses and beef trade. A Cow which is considered to be the most sacred animal in India has been made a commodity of trade and business. It has become a matter of shame on us that we are unable to stop these killings and inefficient to raise our voices against the courts and government to ban these unlawful and nonreligious activities.


Therefore, we Hindus have to steadily rise to the occasions in strong groups when such illegal and adharmic laws are being brought into our constitution and pressurize our ministers to remove such unnecessary taxes and laws and reintroduce our ancient practice of Hindu laws that can benefit all human beings in leading a peaceful and prosperous lives without having to bow to other nations like UK and US.

It made me inspirational to write this essay, when I heard Late Dr. Rajiv Dixit giving lectures on Past and Post Indian Independence and present political situation in India that has been developed recently with all undue support and encouragement for corruption and injustice.

I am grateful to Late. Dr. Rajiv Dixit for his inspiring lectures he has been giving for the past ten to twelve years on Bharat Swabhiman Andolan and Swadeshi Movements. I request all the Hindus to stand up for this cause and support such type of movements so that we can successfully bring back the glory and importance of our Hinduism in the near future that used to prevail for the past thousands of years in this great divine nation. (Visit: www.rajivdixit.com for more knowledge and realities.)
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