Plan must have necessarily a minimum three schemes: Schemes to revive-


1.The manhood, 2.The womanhood, 3.The childhood. Men and Women are taken up for reeducation  and rehabilitation together and separately. Children are being trained, all over country, by the Cubs,Scouts,Guides,N.C.C., and so on.

2.Children of today are to be inheritors of tomorrow and the future world is to be guided on proper lines. Unless we train them up properly to take up the great responsibility they too fail as our fathers had failed and many of us are failing today.

3.The subjects: Our Upanishads, Bhagavadgita, Ramayanam, Mahabhagavadam, puranas, and so on---through these scriptures, men,women,children minds are purified,cleaned, taught on Values, character, discipline, meditation, etc.

4.Nation can take the help of our present spiritual leaders and  teachers from various Matts, and spiritual organisations.

5.Spiritual training to citizens is nothing to do with religion, both are different, irrespective of any religion everybody should take part in this Jnana Yajna.

6.Our Rulers, and political parties should not raise secularism, and spoil the scheme,if they are interested in our values and development spirituality amongst citizens.