With parents support, school children are trained in spirituality when they are young. Instead of loading the children with the subjects with heavy texts, teach them how to live in this world, carrying morals,cultural values.

Once you start you can watch the progress of the little ones. The development and growth in their general enthusiasm, mental habits, intellectual efficiency and physical discipline could have staggeringly spectacular, if only we could give these little ones a healthier school atmosphere and a more satisfactory home--environment. But these two are not now as they should be. That in spite of these hurdles they have all come up so beautifully well disciplined at all levels, is a fact which declares the intrinsic cultural stamina in the Hindu race.

This sort of a national  re-building  programme may sound today as a far off cry but when the world emerges out of its own day's wilderness it shall, in the saner eras that are yet to come, learn to see the necessity of adopting these intelligent methods.

We can bring together children from the various parts (states) of the country and give them the chance of celebrating a family re-union. If children are thus brought together to live in the company of each other, one feel confident that a better mutual understanding and love based upon mutual appreciation can be discovered in their hearts.

Upon such a sacred personality, strength, cultural brotherhood and spiritual companionship alone can a saner world be built up, and a more harmonious culture for our country be evolved. Parents and elders will perhaps be witnessing the early beginnings of the new Bharatham that we are planning for the glory of future times to come. JAIHIND. [END]  

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