To realize  this condition of the modern men and women in the modern world is indeed a disheartening reflection, and many are the intelligent persons who had turned cynical in their attitudes-sans courage, sans faith,. The corruptions,  immoralities, cruelties, and general heartlessness of the age, are symptoms of the benumbing influence the educated class.

This is a time when all the true saints, and priests, who have the necessary sense of detachment to stand apart from the mad crowd and their weltering sorrows --must plan out a path of redemption for the misguided, suffering humanity.

Today Bharatheeyar needs, more than their food,clothing, or shelter, a truer way of life based upon a better understanding of the ultimate purpose in life. Where this knowledge is not available, even though  there is sufficient material progress  the incidence of mental illness is mounting up.  

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