In a recent review it is estimated that few percent of the world population are today suffering from mental diseases while relatively in our own poverty--stricken nation the percentage of people suffering from similar illness is only less. Not that we are religious; and yet, even the confirmed atheist in Bharat unconsciously lives some religious and philosophical values of life. It is time that philosophy and religion walked out of our libraries and temples to serve the age.

Even in this age, there are very many unhealthy trends today. The confusions of the era seem to have contaminated even the viewpoint of the various religious followers. Sometimes one is surprised to see the fanaticism, competition, jealous ies, and rivalries  between the champions of different religions, than among the leaders of the nation or proprietors of firms or even among the members of the community.  It is time that the heads of religions come together into a better understanding among themselves and put their heads together to evolve a common minimum  "standard of right living ", at all levels of life, and come to preach it constantly in the ears of the age.

Flimsy attempts at bringing the various religious pundits on the same platform are being undertaken in the country today, but certainly, they are too ineffectual in bringing about the solid succour or hope in the world. Conferences of various religious and socio-religious organisations are held very often, but one hopes that they will not end in merely passing pious resolutions, thunderously discussed, passively accepted and serenely slept over until next year's meeting.

[to be cont--d]

By Swami Chinmayananda 

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