Biologically, nature has made man and woman, with a natural affinity for the charms of the opposite sex. This natural urge is to be controlled, disciplined, purified and sublimated. An intelligent intellect alone can achieve this. An animal cannot; to act according to its instincts and impulses is but its privilege.  The glory of man is that he can, by his rational intellect, curb and control the flow of his instincts for carnal pleasures and re-divert them, thus ultimately sublimating himself into something nobler and more divine.


Here Swami Sankracharya in his book Bhajagovindam, slokam-3, gives us a line of thinking, which can be an efficient antidote to the fanciful price, that the body gives to the object of senses. The soft inviting bosom of your beloved, if scientifically analysed and mentally seen in its reality, will reveal itself to be compoed of only abhorrent flesh and fat, packed in a scaly skin! If these component parts are brought before your mental vision, spiritually the mind shall retreat from the disgusting ugliness of it all.  Though the practice of this pratipaksha bhavana, we can re-educate our mind, not to run away with its imagined picture of happiness, in the perishble softness of the filth filled body.


Swami Sankarachrya in his opening stanzas of Bhajagovindam, advice the students, of their two most powerful fascinations-their thirst for wealth, and their instinctive hunger for flesh. When these two are eliminated from a personality, it will have no more fuel to jerk it out on to the outer fields of its enchantments. If not taken care, sorrow alone is the ultimate destination.


Money and woman in themselves are not threat to man, because both are LAKSHMI [Goddess], but in our false imaginations we give them both a ridiculously inflated value and, striving for their sake, we come to lay waste our powers. It is this hallucination in man, and the consequent illusory fascination for the world, which he entertains, that exiles him from his own inner KINGDOM of JOY. 

Lesson:-The criminals who molest women in the Bharatham, to be punished that leads others a lesson.It shows the decay of culture and values in the Bharatham, Rulers must awake and not to run behind the creation of modern Bhartham where mankind live like animals.       

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