Wealth in itself is innocent; philosophy is not against wealth. It is said here; "Renounce wealth", but it is only the insatiable thirst for wealth that is to be given up. 'Desire-for-wealth' is the relationship that the individual keeps subjectively with the objects of the world, which he believes can probably give him happiness. The objects outside are not to be condemned  but man's relationship  with them is to be intelligent and chaste.

The practical man:-

The practical man of the world, at this advice of the philosopher, asks a pertinent  question: "If possessions are not to be courted, if wealth is not to be acquired, how are we to live?"If a philosopher is impractical, the man of the world has got enough common sense to throw up the philosophy, and walk his path of joyous fulfillment. No honest philosopher can afford to preach something impractical, and impossible.

Swami Sankaracharya:-

Sankara here indicates how we must live in the world. His advice to us is to live joyously in contentment and satisfaction with what we would get 'as a result of our actions'[karma]. There is no limit to human imagination. An individual who has given reins to it can never stop at any conceivable point. Desires multiply, the more we satisfy them. The more the desires are satisfied, the more seems to be the hunger, and the deeper gnaws into our peace a sense of tragic dissatisfaction.


To discover a sense of contentment, and live on what we acquire with our honest labour, and not to feed our covetousness, seems to  be the only method by which true happiness and inner peace can be gained, In such a bosom alone, the higher contemplation and the consequent discoveries of the new dimensions of the Spiritual Reality are ever possible.


Desire for wealth degrades man. Attachment brings endless worries. There is strain in acquiring.  there is struggle to preserve intelligently what one has acquired. There is pain when one comes to lose what one had acquired laboriously. There is anxiety to preserve what one has already gained: this a game of restless sorrows only. 

Swami Sankara 's Bhjagovindam stanza 2 spells the answer---

The people of Bharatham need to follow Swamiji's advice if they want to live a real life.[to be con--d]          

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