Bharatham is a spiritual country, world acknowledges this view.

Since liberalisation, new modernisation ,and globalisation started change occurred to great extent, we lost our culture along with this mad rush. We started to imitate western culture, began to neglect one's own mother tongue, in the mean time Gulf boom began, new rich germinated, boom of IT sector, and salary hike, one more rich germinated, lot of foreign exchange, a new genaration flew to western countries on job hunting,: these made a great impact on our ancient culture.

The media boom next, films,television channels, adverts, press, every thing changed. Women bodily exposures are visible in all areas from there, Internet, cellphones culture a curse to youngsters due to pornography, all advancement in technology became a sudden curse to the country, channels telecasts serials where women's cruel rolls started rolling, or weak rolls for women is a assured one, in films half naked showcase women rolls took birth,ads exploited women body where ever opportunity seen, these story still on.

Education system weak, progress measured in marks, where knowledge took back seat, text books discarded, guides, question banks referred, students without understanding by hook or crook passed exams, educational institutions competing for results(100%), managed all dirty tricks,flowing out degrees, etc.

Quota system spoiled everything in all sectors, merits not considered, quota pushed forward,

Politics is reduced to dirty business, national interest and long term projects thrown to the wind,  immediate political mileage is taken care, failed corrupted politicians thrown out of the states occupied the centre, Pandemonium is enacted in the Parliament.

Crimes increased, justice moved slowly, easy money, fast useless non-veg food culture, rapes,political scams, criminal activities every where, weak leadership, our values completely forgot.

See what our great Mahatma's dream, a Ramarajya!, where? and when?  



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