Rediscover Bharatham!!!

Our Father of Nation Mahatma's dream was "Ramarajya in BAharatham". The word secularism may oppose the term used 'Ramarajyam', the term means a land of TRUTH AND VALUES.

The Upanishadic culture is the culture of our country. The training given to the citizens of Bharatham to live this Sanatana Dharma is called Hinduism. Bharatham is a Spiritual country. BHA means Knowledge and ratham is one who lives, hence Bharatham means a country where people are living in knowledge.

Modernisation, Globalisation , our political parties, our Rulers, our system, our education, parents, new generation, media, our dress code, blind imitation of western countries and many more causes of this.

Science and technology is boon for good people, where demonic citizens take advantage and exploit these benefits into criminal activities, we had experience since Atom was mis-used, now the demonic activities is continuing.

Rulers keep open their eyes and ears open and mouth shut, alert and have a vision for the future to guide the nation in right direction.

Our education system is failure. Educational institutions and Parents worry not for the knowledge, but MARKS, hence a crowed  with distingtions, first classes are on the boom, emotionally weak, without communication skills, -------

Values must be taught, in the younger days, character development is given top priority. ( to be cont---d) 


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