Sri Madhvacharya : 2.

Nahi jnanena sadrisam pavitramiha vidyate. Knowledge is incomparably pure. Thus says the holy Bhagavad Geeta. Our life is a gradual march towards purity – the purity which is the souls own nature. This purity can be achieved only by pure knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is the greatest treasure of the mankind. It is the panacea of all our evils. It is the knowledge which makes man superior to other God's creations. Human being minus knowledge is just an animal with two legs. The world has seen many seers, who came down to earth, to propagate the divine knowledge among the needy. But for them, the world would have drowned in the vast oceans of ignorance.

After the advent of Kali Yuga, the noble souls lost their way in the dense forests of samsara. They sank to great depths of ignorance, doubt and bewilderment. The graceful Vishnu was moved by their plight. He wished to uplift his devotees and bring them back to the right path. As He has no avatar in Kali Yuga, He Himself did not wish to incarnate. Only an all-knowing person could have accomplished such a responsible task. Therefore, he ordered his chief aide Vayu to carry out his wish. A true servant of God he is, Vayu devoutly carried out his master’s order. He incarnated as Madhvacharya uplift the noble from the depths of ignorance and illuminate their minds with the bright light of knowledge.

Sri Madhvacharya is extolled in the Vedas to be the third incarnation of Vayu, the most powerful, knowledgeable and supreme among all souls. He served Bhagavan Vishnu in His three incarnations. He became Hanuman when the Lord incarnated as Rama. He was Bhima when the Lord appeared as Krishna and he came to the earth as Madhvacharya to serve Bhagavan Vedavyasa.
In Madhvacharya we find a true saint, an ardent devotee, a great reformer, an extraordinary thinker, a prolific commentator, a compassionate teacher and a spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power. He continues to be the great source of inspiration to his followers and his very remembrance galvanizes their slumbering minds. Let us in this short write up try to know about this great personality and his golden teachings. Anything we say about him falls short in presenting a true picture of his majestic personality. But as Sri Narayana Panditacharya, his biographer, notes - mano vishuddhyai caritanuvadaha – we make a humble attempt for the sake of purification of our mind.



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