Sri Madhvacharya :4.

The Pandits were defeated in the debate and with the conviction of the truth of the school of philosophy expounded by Purnaprajna, both of them became his disciples taking up Sanyasa. Shobana Bhatta became the famous Padmanabhatirtha who succeeded to the pontifical seat of Purnaprajnacharya. Samasastry became Narahari Thirtha and at the behest of the acharya stayed behind to obtain the images of Mula Rama and Sita from the treasury of the local prince. Padmanabha Tirtha followed his master and was greatly devoted to him.

After his return to Udipi Purnapragna began to write various works establishing the new system of philosophy which has come to be called Dwaitasiddhanta. The cardinal point which distinguishes his system from others is the essential difference between Brahman who is Independent and all else which are dependent. This system has therefore come t be called Dwaitasiddhanta (the philosophy of Basic difference), Purnaprajnacharya declares himself at the end of many of his works to be an avatar of the Wind God Vayu and says that his avatar as Purnaprajna has been foretold in the srutis where he has been called Madhva. Purnapragnacharya is therefore popularly known as Sri Madhvacharya. The Acharya founded the Sri Krishna temple at Udipi and established eight mutts, the sanyasis of which has to worship the image by rotation. The system of rotation has continued until the present da at Udipi. Sri Madhva wrote commentaries or Bhashyas on the ten principal Upanishads, the special treatises called Prakaranas ten in number, the Gita Tatparya and other works during this period.

Sri Madhvacharya under took the second tour to the north again. He met Jalaluddin Khilji at Delhi and seems to have conversed with him in Urdu. After returning from North he spent the rest of his life in Udipi occasionally visiting a place called Vishnumangala near Udipi. During one of his visits to Vishnumangala he had to meet a reputed champion of the Adwaita school by name Trivikramapanditacharya. The debate between them seems to have extended to fifteen days and covered all the different systems of philosophy like the Bauddha, Sankhya, Nyaya and Adwaita. 

In the end Trivikramapanditacharya has to admit defeat. He was very much impressed with the Acharya and became his disciple having renounced Adwaita and accepting the Dvaita sidhanta. The conversion of Pandita Trivikrama was a great moral victory for the Acharya and many were the new adherents to his system. Trivikrama Panditacharya became so devoted the Acharya He wrote the commentary known as Tatvapradipa on the Brahmasutra Bhashya of Sri Madhwacharya. At his request Sri Madhvacharya wrote a metrical commentary on the Brahmasutras which is famous as Anuvyakhyana.


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