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 We are all blessed to experience the divine chanting and thoughts of Ramayanam. Though we know the story of Ramayanam, very few go deeper and think scientifically, logically or rationally about the characters in this Holy Text.Here we are making an effort to analyze Ramayanam psychologically and along with the social system so that we can learn and practise Ramayanam in our lives. In short, Ramayanam has got an important role and relevance in our present life.

 Ramayanam contains so many characters. Each one’s behaviour, action, attitude and wisdom differs from person to person. This shows that every human mind is different and unique. Most people suffer because of their constant competition and comparison with other minds. So, discover your own inner uniqueness and potentiality. Don’t look at other minds and waste your time. You will miss a great opportunity to expand and explore.

Medical Science says, human behaviour varies because of the hormonal imbalance in the body. It is proved to some extent, when a man behaves emotionally, he is compared to a woman. Similarly when a woman behaves rationally, we find her masculine. In Ramayanam too, you can see these kinds of characters and their various experiences. But is there something beyond, by which one can change oneself? Yes, there come Sri Rama, Bharatha, Hanuman, Vibheeshana and so on.

Human psychology is always complicated as well as interesting. A strong man can become weak in the blink of an eye. It shows the complication and fragility of a person. At the same time, some people do “Arise and Awake” in the verge of a fall. It is so amazing to see their heroic and intelligent approach. It invokes curiosity in our minds. That may be the reason Ramayanam is ever respected by spiritual seekers (Sadhaks).

Ramayanam story begins from the kingdom of Ayodhya. King Dasaratha is suffering because of his impotency. Though he has three wives he was not blessed with children. Human psychology begins from here. All our sufferings are related to the lackness or some thing that we do not have in our lives. Spirituality is discovering or enquiring what we really have.

Dasaratha conducts ‘Puthrakameshti Yagam’ and was blessed with ‘Payasam’ (holy offering). He distributed it among his wives. This blessing led to the birth of his FOUR children. This shows the importance of divine thoughts that manifest into the birth of noble children. The parents, as they constantly develop divine thoughts, their union gives birth to great and brave personalities. The importance of chanting and meditation is portrayed here.

Sage Viswamitra is the first Guru of Lord Rama, who taught him the importance of a self disciplined, orderly life and discovering the leadership qualities to fight against evil and injustice. Thadaka is not a ‘woman demon’, but an evil mind which can destroy the harmony and unity in the society. Such a mind destroys the peace in others’ lives. In today’s world, Thadaka appears in the form of terrorists and racists. Let us discover the leadership  (Rama) in ourselves to unite and create a harmonious society.Now let us see the marriage of Rama and Seetha. When Rama broke the bow called Thrayambakam, Seetha garlanded Him and married Him. Marriage is not a union of two bodies and two minds. But it is the union of two principles guidance and leadership. The bow represents one’s own individual ego. When it breaks, selfishness in the mind transforms into selfless love. The role of woman in a married life is as a  guide and the role of man is to lead. That is why the wife is called ‘Dharma Patni’. 

After the marriage, the new challenge comes in the form of Kaikeyi and Mandhara. Again sense of insecurity and craving for pleasures always haunt an ordinary mind. In the journey of life, some take wrong steps to fulfil their ambitions. Such short cuts for success (immaturity) are called Mandhara. Finally it leads to various miseries, frustrations and destruction.

Dasaratha lost his life because of his lack of intelligence. He may be a hormonal, emotional being and not a spiritual, wise seeker. Here comes Rama who never allowed emotional attacks to influence his balanced mind. He invoked His intelligence developed through Sadhana and used it appropriately at the right time.                                                                         

Arise, Awake and Fall Not” – this is the inspiring words of our Rishis represented by Rama.

 Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are going to the forest. A sad and painful situation for  the country. But Mother Sumitra, a bold and strong woman came forward and blessed the children with her inspiring and blessing words, “Never look back, look ahead”. Past is always a history, but future is a mystery.

Every one can create their own history of success and failure. That depends on how you lived and faced challenges in your life.                  Sumitra represents a constructive mind and hence a positive future.Now Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are in the forest. Rama spends time to understand more and more about the real wisdom with great sages. Knowledge is the real wealth and strength in your life. Opportunities are always hidden like the sages in the caves. Unless one approaches them, the doors remain closed. Then it leads to regret of missing opportunities and wastage of time. Look back, isn’t it true in your life?

Through Satsangs, one develops inner wisdom and strength. A weak mind can not face challenges. Here Rama, Lakshmana and Sita have started growing inwardly. Modern Science and Psychology are not familiar with the human mind’s inward growth. Spiritual wisdom inspires and motivates to grow and transcend all the weaknesses and gather more inner strength to face all problems in life.

Now Surpanakha appears and shows all her lustful gestures to attract Rama. But Rama becomes conscious about the situation and he could foresee the consequences.  Today’s world is lacking this foresight and falls into all kinds of traps. Human mind has a choice – to choose either Preyas or Shreyas. Preyas represents the tempting pleasures, power and position. Shreyas is the long lasting dignity and honour.

Finally Surpanakha failed, a tempting trap can not disrupt the mind of a real Sadhak. Rama succeeds by the thoughts of His unshaken mind. Hence the harmony and peace of the family remain united. Love is not to fall, but rise above all sensual emotions.  Ask yourself, “really true love exists? The interference of various Surpanakhas try to shake our true love. Are we successful in handling them? “

How many families are suffering now because of their hypocritical love?Evil minds are so well equipped and planned to carry out their mission. Their one pointed motive always finds fulfillment. But they never realize that the temporary happiness that they get through this operation will take them into a permanent, miserable life. The short lived happiness dies out very soon and gives way to regret.

A weak mind never foresees the dangers behind their life. Sita was so tempted to get the golden deer who is really a demon in disguise. In the path of spiritual journey one should observe and examine the true companion who will motivate and inspire in the path. When Sita was tempted Rama got separated. Similarly money, power, pleasure etc can separate the true vision in one’s journey.

When Sita heard the screaming sound in Rama’s voice, her frustration turns into anger and suspicion against Lakshmana. We often spoil relationships by not understanding what actually is happening. Most of us regret later when truth is revealed. This is what happened to Sita.


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