Meditaion gives relaxation and rejuvenation to your mind and body :

First imagine the form of the Lord from top to bottom. Slowly focus your mind on the form of the Lord. Then find out your self “Who gives existence to the mind?”

There you have to understand and experience divinity.

(Such a person can accept every thing and negate whatever negative experience influences him. He can turn adversities into advantages).

Steps for meditation :

Ensure physical cleanliness.
Choose a clean place; ideally have a permanent room for doing Sadhana.
Sit on a “natural fibre” mat. Do not use a plastic material.
Light up a lamp.
Sit in a comfortable posture.
Keeping your hands in “CHIN MUDRA” (thumb touching the tip of forefinger), sit in an erected posture without bending.
Do Pranayam keeping your mind and body alert.
Visualize the form of the Lord.
Recite Japam; after each Japam, mentally offer flowers at HIS feet (for at least 20 minutes).
After surrendering there, every thing should disappear – body, mind or even the feet of the Lord. Feel absolute Presence and awareness.
Again take deep breaths and while getting up, accept yourself as the DASA of the Lord.
Take a vow that whatever activity you are supposed to do is the opportunity given by the Lord and whatever experience you get as HIS Prasad. Express joy and happiness in and around you.

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