Self Sufficient Villages in Today's Global Village : 5.

By Dr. Moushumi Datta
Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai.

Education and Healthcare for the Underprivileged :

Gandhi was always concerned about the plight of the poor and the needy. 

He believed that special reservations and resources need to be allocated to take care of these people. 

In today's parlance it means that special aids from government, World Bank loans and huge NGO funds need to be diverted into the poorer countries of the world so as to give them the impetus of faster growth. 

This will not only enable creation of jobs at the local level but also creation of demand which can then be fulfilled from supplies coming from the developed world. 

Gandhi believed that all citizens are entitled to proper education and this, he believed, was the ultimate solution for removal of poverty, superstition and blind faith. 

He believed that no man or woman is superior or inferior and that no job is small or big. 

If expenditures are diverted towards education and health care in poor African and Asian countries, it will not only create huge opportunities for the local population but also infinite growth in demand for product and services originating from the developed countries. 

With communication becoming virtually free across the World Wide Web, education revolution is going to change the face of the world, more than any. other revolution of the past. 

Technology with a Purpose:

Gandhi believed that technology ate into jobs and that production should be simplified so as to employ as many people as possible.

Times have changed wherein service industry occupies a bigger and prominent role than manufacturing. 

Technology today is required so as to optimise and maximise production. 

It is proven that the right type of technology creates more jobs than it is supposed to reduce. 

With the advent of transport it is possible to have clusters of production facilities producing goods at significantly lower costs and subsequently dispatching to the far corners of the world is a reality.

Mahatma Gandhiji.


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