Self Sufficient Villages in Today's Global Village : 6.

By Dr. Moushumi Datta
Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai. 

Thoughts of Gandhi Reinforced into the Current Economic Scenario:

Non Violence and Peace :

Gandhi believed that Non Violence is the key and absolute Peace is the ultimate aim. In today's context it means that lesser dependence on oil and coal and wood and more dependence on nuclear power. Not only will that help in removing strain on the already dwindling natural resources but also enable creation of cheap and clean power. Amount spent on defence budgets across the world if diverted to other usage, will create enough resources to comfortably feed and clothe the world population.

Cottage Industry and Local Culture :

Gandhi believed that for self-sufficient villages to be a reality it was important that the local handicraft and expertise be given prominence so as to create a demand base for the local talent as also continuity of the traditional based production methods and systems. He believed that every village was unique and if local culture was respected and encouraged it will lead to national growth and integration. Applying this on a global scale is the prescription of our times.

Application and Relevance :

Gandhian thoughts are today more than seven decades old. Times have changed and the world today is really a global village where rights to live an equal opportunity are slowly becoming a basic necessity. Communications and transportation have made the world a very small place, with the remotest village not far to reach. Wars are slowly becoming extinct although terrorism - unheard of earlier-is raising its ugly head. Gandhian thoughts and philosophies particularly on the economic front are awe inspiring and prophetic. Therein lies his relevance and importance and probably the panacea for all economic evils plaguing the world.

Mahatma Gandhiji.

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