Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : Ch-2. Part-3.

Ch-2.  Siva – The Mystic Night ( Sivaratri)


God does not possess things.

Possession is a relationship of one thing with another thing.

But, God is super-relative.

That is why we call Him the Absolute – He is not relative.

Anything that is related to something else comes under the category of relative.

God is not related to anything else, because He is All-comprehensive.

And, thus, in His all-comprehensive Absoluteness, which is height of wisdom conceivable, there is also the concomitant character of freedom from the consciousness of externality, and therefore, as a corollary, freedom from attachment to anything.

Thus Lord Siva is the height of austerity, Master Yogin, portrayed as seated in a lotus pose, as the king of all ascetics; not that He has the desire for self-control, but He is what self-control is itself.

He does not practise self-control. Self-control itself is symbolised in the personality of Lord Siva.

"Such a wondrous concept of a glorious majestic picture of the Almighty, as Lord Siva, is before us for adoration during Mahasivaratri."

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ...

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