Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : Ch-2. Part-6.

Ch-2.  Siva – The Mystic Night ( Sivaratri)


Likewise, this Mantra, the Satarudriya of the Yajurveda, a hymn to Lord Siva, has an objective meaning, a subjective meaning and a divine, supreme, supra-mental, universal meaning.

Objectively, it is a prayer for the control of the forces of nature.

Subjectively, it is a prayer for self-control and the rousing of the spiritual consciousness.

Universally, it is a surge of the soul towards God-realisation.

It has an Adhiyajnika, Adhibhautika, Adhidaivika and Adhyatmika meaning, as we usually put it. It has a tremendous meaning.

The Vedas, the Mantras of the Vedas, are filled with such threefold or fourfold meaning.

Hence it is difficult to understand the full meaning of any Mantra of the Veda.

"Ananta vai vedah": Infinite is the meaning of the Vedas.

The meaning of the Vedas is infinite.

It has no end at all.

It is mathematics; it is chemistry; it is physics; it is Ayurveda; it is psychology; it is metaphysics; it is philosophy; it is spirituality; it is meditation; it is love; it is ecstasy.

You will find everything in every Mantra of the Veda.

All depends upon how you look upon it, how you feel it.

A person may be a father, he may be a brother, he may be a son, he may be a friend, but all the while he is one and the same person.
Attitudes are different on account of the various relationships.

So the Rudra Adhyaya before us is a majestic prayer for world peace, international peace, subjective peace, universal peace and God-consciousness.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ....


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