Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-2. Part - 20.

Ch-2.  Siva – The Mystic Night ( Sivaratri)


Now you are able to understand this situation in dream on account of the comparison that you make between waking and dream.
When you wake up, you do not see the dream objects, and then you begin to analyse the condition in which you were when you were dreaming.

You say, when you are awake, that you are in a world of reality, whereas in dream you were in a world of unreality.

How do you know that the world of dream was a world of unreality?

It is merely because you compare it with the waking condition which you consider as real.

How do you know that the world of waking is real?

You cannot say anything about this, because there is nothing with which you can compare it, as you did in the case of the dream.

If you can know another standard of reference, higher than the waking condition, you would have been able to make a judgement of it – whether the waking condition is real or unreal, good or bad and so on.

When you are dreaming, you do not know that the objects are unreal. You consider them as real and you take it for granted.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ....


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