Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-3. Part - 4.

Chapter-3. Rama – The Apotheosis of Human Perfection ( Sri Ramanavami )


These two parallel movements of epic stories, known as the Ramayanam and the Mahabharatam, give us a complete picture of the process of the advancement of the human soul towards its Perfection.

It is not to be taken as a surprise that the culture of Bharatavarsha is a culture of the Spirit, so that anything that is said and done or believed in, is directly or indirectly connected with the march of the Spirit towards the recognition of its Perfection.

We have no other culture here except the culture of the Spirit.

A connecting of the visible phenomena with what underlies the phenomena is the significance of the epics.

And these two masterstrokes of genius given to us by Valmiki Maharishi  and Vyasa  Maharishi, in the form of the Ramayanam and the Mahabharatam, give us the religion of India.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ...

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