Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-3. Part - 12.

Chapter-3. Rama – The Apotheosis of Human Perfection ( Sri Ramanavami )


It is an occasion for intensified contemplation on the Spirit, God, or Sri Rama, as we call Him.

It is a day of self-control and an occasion to raise our emotions, feelings and understanding to the level of the understanding of Valmiki or Tulasidas or Kamban, or of Sri Rama Himself.

These contemplations are processes by which Consciousness, our own Self, establishes relationship with the powers of the cosmos. The observation of the birthday of Sri Rama, or the celebration of Sri Ramanavami, is not a day of mere rejoicing or feasting, but a day of spiritual contemplation and self-restraint by which we become en rapport with the forces of the world. What was the power of Rama? Why was He so powerful and forceful?

We say that He was an incarnation of God.

But, why is God so powerful, while we are not?

What is the difference? What makes these masters, heroes and incarnations centres of such energy, force and activity, while we are the contrary of it? The simple reason is that they are en rapport with the forces of the universe, while we are cut off from them.

They are facing the light of the sun and so they drink the nectar of the rays of the sun. But we turn our backs to the sun and see only darkness.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ...

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