Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-4. Part - 1.

Chapter-4.Swami Sri  Adi  Sankaracharya - The Genius ( Sankara Jayanti ) :


Vaisakha Sukla Panchami, the fifth day in the bright fortnight in the month of April-May, when we celebrate the advent of the great Acharya Sankara who is often referred to, by his followers, as Bhashyakara (the commentator on the Prasthana Traya – the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads and the Bhagavadgita).

The famous and unforgettable event of his life and work is a consequence of the chronology of social history as well as a consequence of the logic of human thought.

The immortal service that he has done for the world is thus an outcome of a chronological process as well as a logical one.

First of all, let us see what the chronological significance of the work of Acharya Sankara is, in the social history of India in particular and the world in general.

Chronology is the sequence of history, and if we trace back the condition of the human society, particularly in India, during the time of the most ancient of human conditions available to us for study -

– the time of the Vedas from where we begin the study of human history – we realise that there was, during the time of the sages of the Vedas, a spontaneous tendency to recognise God in creation.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ...

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