Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-4. Part - 7.

 Chapter-4. Swami Sri  Adi  Sankaracharya - The Genius ( Sankara Jayanti ) :


In a third stratum of thought in this march of social history, these very divinities which were thus propitiated, began to be recognised as being almost like human individuals. 

Now they can get angry as any human being can get angry and they can also be pleased as any human being can be pleased. 

Perhaps they could even be bribed through various types of offering. 

Thus we hear of contention among the very gods and fights among the celestials, which is really very strange. 

How could the gods fight amongst themselves? 

But that is envisaged by the mind which studied the gods and the celestials in the light of human nature. 

As we are, so the gods also are. 

So, as we please people, 

we have to please the gods also in the very same way, applying the same methodology as we apply towards human beings. 

When a friend comes, we give him a cup of tea, hot water for bathing, lunch, and a soft bed for reclining and resting, and he is mightily pleased. 

Even so do we appease the gods by offering the very same articles of satisfaction as we offer to human beings.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ....

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