Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-5. Part -9.

Swami Sivananda Asramam-

Chapter 5: Sivananda – The Fire of Sannyasa


But this one rupee, Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj never used to spend for himself.

He purchased some medicines or a cup of curd—not for himself, but for a neighbour who was sick, suffering from dysentery.

We know very well that dysentery was quite common among sadhus, as they were compelled to eat a diet without any fat or anything soothing to the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Illness was very common, especially diarrhoea and dysentery.

They were the common illnesses of having a dry stomach, without any lubrication.

Swamiji used to purchase a little curd and a little medicine and then started his philanthropic activity in a meagre way, which culminated in a small dispensary in Laxmanjhula called Satya Sevasrama.

It became a government hospital, and it was functioning until recently.

Now it is closed.

Thus he commenced his ministry of humanitarian and spiritual service which continued simultaneously, or side by side, with his life of austerity, till the year 1936.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ....

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