Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-6. Part -6.

Chapter-6. Lord Sri Krishna – The Purna-Avataram


Our meditations and our worships are really silent invocations of the characteristics of the Object of our worship and meditation.

Every worship is an invocation, and every form of meditation is an invocation; and invocation means the calling of the force into our own being and the planting of the power of the Divine in our own personality.

We have, in ritualistic or Tantric parlance, what is known as Nyasa, which is performed during the time of worship.

The Pundits and Archakas who perform worship in temples know what Nyasa means.

Nyasa is a Sanskrit word which means 'placing', 'stabilising', 'fixing', 'invoking', 'stamping'.

All these meanings are conveyed by the word 'Nyasa'.

At the commencement of the worship, whether it is done in one's own private sanctum sanctorum in the house or in a public temple, Nyasa is performed by every worshipper.

In this process of Nyasa, what is done is that every part, every aspect, every conceivable characteristic of the Divine Being is located, in an intensity of feeling and invocation, in the corresponding parts and aspects of one's own personality, so that during the time of the worship and meditation, you are in communion with the Divine Being.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ....

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