Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch-7. Part -7.

Chapter 7: Lord Ganesa – The Remover of Obstacles -7.

The philosophy behind all these traditional worships and Puranic allegories is that the path of spiritual Sadhana is a mystery by itself and it is not a heroic activity of the Sadhaka, as sometimes he may imagine.

No heroism will work there.

Even the so-called heroic attitude, which we sometimes put on, is an entry of divine force into us.

Just as a child's or a little baby's walking is the strength of the mother who is holding it with her hand, whatever intelligence we have, whatever satisfaction we enjoy in this life, whatever strength we possess, whether physical or psychological, whatever security we have, whatever is worthwhile in our existence, is a modicum of the reflection of God's power.

The worship of Maha-Ganapati, with the Mantra "Om Gam Ganapataye Namah", is a humble submission of the true circumstance of oneself before the might of God's glory.

Who can open one's eyes before God?

Who can utter one word before Him?

Who can boast of one's learning, greatness, etc., before Him?

We would be ashamed even to present ourselves before Him.

Consider the might of the Creator, the magnitude of His power, the depth of His Wisdom, His Knowledge and His Omniscience, and our present condition!
Compare it and contrast it.
What Sadhana, what meditation, what Yoga can we do?

The moment we begin to take one step in the direction of this holy movement towards God, the world pounces upon us with all its army, because the world is quantitatively larger.

We live in a world of quantities.

We require quantitative food, quantitative drink, quantitative physical appurtenances, and everything we require and ask for in life is only a quantity rather than a quality.
The quantity of the world being larger than the quantity of our physical personality, we cannot face it.

So there is this humble acceptance of submission and a prayer to the great Almighty as manifest in Ganapati.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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