Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch- 8. Part- 4.

Chapter 8: Sri Radha – The Divine Mystery-4.

The term 'Love of God' may mean either love that a devotee evinces in regard to God, or the love that God has for a devotee.

Either way, we can take this term, 'Love of God'.

There is no half-hearted and mediocre attitude in respect of God.

Either it is a whole-souled dedication or it is a nothing.

There is no partiteness or reserved attitude towards God. It is a completion and a fulfilment which requires on our side also a fulfilled and a complete approach.

 But we are, as I told you, always men and we can think only as men.

We are women, and we can think only as women.

These prejudices do not leave us and they cannot leave us.

Apart from the idea of male and female, there are other shackles by which we are bound to this earth, all of which are, as it were, steel chains with which we are bound to our own personalities and prejudices, which have to melt into a liquefied form before God, the all-encompassing, super-legalistic Existence, super-relational Being.

The very thought of it will melt the human individual.

This melting of the human individuality is called Love of God.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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