Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals :Ch- 8. Part- 5.

Chapter - 8. Sri Radha – The Divine Mystery-5.

Even in ordinary intense forms of worldly love, our individuality tends towards a melting, though it does not actually melt.

We rarely experience intense love in our lives. Often we are like broken glass pieces with no worth or value in us. We are parading empty shells with no substance in ourselves. This is human life today.

But this will not work before the realities of life. We can never entertain true affection and true love in regard to anything in this world, because we are mostly hypocrites. We are never true to ourselves and, therefore, we can never be true to others.

This predicament is a tremendous danger before man's future. And this illness has come upon man right from the very beginning of his birth itself, and attaches itself to him wherever he goes in every incarnation.

Perhaps this is the original sin that people speak of in theological circles. Unless we shed this completely and stand naked before the glory and fire of God as pure Spirit and not as men and women, we cannot understand, appreciate and feel what divine love is.

This is why we cannot understand the relationship between Radha and Krishna, in the Radhakrishna compound. We go on reading about it but understand nothing. The attempt on the part of the soul to understand this mystery, is an attempt to dissolve one's personality, and no one is ever prepared for it.

Such a sacrifice we cannot do. We have always a reservation, as I mentioned to you, and we approach God with a tremendous fear and a hidden purpose behind our own personal existence. We are not supposed to understand this mystery of Radha-Krishna. We are unfit. Man today is unfit for this sacrifice.

The other aspect of this mystery is what is called the Rasalila, very magnificently, gloriously and touchingly described in the Rasa-Panchadhyayi of the Srimad Bhagavata, odious to impure minds but glorious to pure minds.

Man himself is an odious existence. Nothing can be worse than his own individuality. He carries this impurity before God and refuses to understand superhuman operations in this divine world, the Kingdom of God which is this very earth.

I do not know whether you are able to make any sense out of what I am saying, because it is difficult to express in language what is not supposed to be expressed. My humble obeisance to the Almighty Lord whose mystery is this creation. Our blessedness and well-being consist in realising that we cannot understand Him and in expecting His divine grace for our uplift.

Chapter- 8. Sri Radha – The Divine Mystery -ENDS.

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Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...

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