Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : 9-3.

Chapter 9. Gurudev Sivananda – Physician of the Soul-3.

In this very context was born another great master, H.H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

I shall tell you the special  significance of his coming into the midst of mankind that it is today.

What is that special significance?

A few of us have had the blessed opportunity of living physically in contact with this Master for many, many years.

So, we may confidently say, in all humility, that we have some sort of a personal knowledge of his own practical life and the meaning of the message that he intended to convey to mankind.

I should say that we have to regard ourselves as thrice blessed for having been given this opportunity by God, the Almighty, to live physically in his presence for years and years.

And to live in the physical presence of such masters is to bask in the sunshine of the Spirit.

You know what it is to bask in the sun. It is to infuse your personality with health-giving rays of a dynamic storehouse of energy.

As they say, the company that you keep, the books that you read and the way in which you conduct yourself in your daily life, are supposed to be the insignia of your inner substance, real worth and intrinsic validity.

And to keep company with giants of the Spirit like Gurudev Sivanandaji is to be within a very powerful energising influence which brings together into a  focus through its own manifestation of personality the aspirations of all mankind.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...


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