Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : 9-4.

Chapter 9. Gurudev Sivananda – Physician of the Soul-4.

I may say here that the aspirations of mankind may be said to have found an articulation, to a very pronounced degree, in the personality and the mission of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

He gave voice and fluent expression to the inner urges of the human being.

Every one of us has an urge within us, a desire, an aspiration, a longing and a hope, all of which we cannot adequately express on account of the weaknesses of our own personalities.

Why do we elect a person as a representative of a constituency, in an election, for example?

That person is made a member of the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council in the Parliament, because we ourselves cannot express our ideas properly.

We are unable to speak our deeper feelings in a proper language and place them before the Parliament in an adequate context.

So, we elect a proper person.

And the person whom we elect as a Member of the Parliament, or for the matter of that, any kind of representation, is supposed to be capable of articulating our inner aspirations and our inner feelings.

In other words, he expresses the total spirit of the people who have elected him.

Likewise, these great spiritual masters can be regarded as the total representation of the aspirations and the inexpressible feelings of all mankind.

And in the culture of Bharatavarsha, we have the tradition that the Avatara or the incarnation of God is the summoning of the Almighty by the total aspiration of mankind.

God does not incarnate Himself by the call of one man merely, unless, of course, that one man is capable of drawing into his personality the powers of all other people also due to his peculiar relationship with God.

Ordinarily, a single individual cannot call the total power of God, just as a drop cannot summon the power of the whole ocean.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...

Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj
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