Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : 9-5.

Chapter 9. Gurudev Sivananda – Physician of the Soul-5.

But, the personality of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj was unique as far as his relationship with God is concerned.

There were many, as I mentioned to you earlier, of his calibre and category who could summon into activity, into implementation, into a forceful manifestation, the deeper feelings of man and the crying aspirations of the soul which were neglected, unfortunately, notwithstanding the fact that the beginning of the twentieth century has seen the revolutions of science and industry, business and commerce, and international nearness of approach.

While everything was achieved, one thing alone was ignored. That is why we are grieved even today. Everybody has a sorrow in his heart.

We have radios and televisions; we have planes and cars; we have the best food to eat and most attractive clothes to put on; we have got social status and position; we have got money to spend and to burn. There is nothing that we lack, materially speaking. But we are unhappy, we are sorrow-stricken, and we have a grief at the bottom of our hearts.

This is the essence of the whole matter. This grief is present in every human being – you, me and everyone – in spite of the fact that we have all comforts conceivable that can be bestowed upon us by science and industry. The purpose of the incarnation of these Masters is to point out where the crux of the whole problem lies.

They are the physicians of the soul and they come to diagnose the illness of the spirit in man.

Though for all practical purposes a person may be looking healthy and handsome, he may be secretly sick, not knowing the reason behind the sickness, and an expert doctor alone can find out what is wrong with him. Similarly, though we seem to be happy and smiling outwardly in social and public life, there is a peculiar lacuna in our approach to things in general on account of which we are sorrow-stricken in our hearts, and this can be diagnosed and cured only by spiritual adepts.

Masters and geniuses of the type of Gurudev Sivanandaji, whose birthday we observe on the 8th of September every year, have pointed out where the illness of man actually lies. This illness is a common illness of all people. It is a secret disease which is infecting every human being.

Swami Krishnananda
To be continued  ...

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