Violent behaviour, with shouting, making noises, unreasonable challenging, are the characteristics of the Opposition in today's Parliament : Specials!!!!




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Ref : Violent behaviour,  with  shouting, making  noises, unreasonable challenging, are the characteristics of the Opposition in today's Parliament : Specials!!!!


Shri Narendra Modi has outlined his Vision for the India of tomorrow which resonates with the BJP's philosophy of "sab ka saath, sab ka vikas".

The comprehensive vision laid out by Shri Modi builds on the heritage of India's rich social and cultural diversity, its tradition, the talent of our human resource and the aspirations of the youth and women.

The concept of Brand India encapsulates all the sectors that have the potential to make India a global power. The five-Ts of Brand India are talent, trade, tradition, tourism and technology.

The concept of Rainbow of India envisions seven key focus areas which will be the overarching theme of all initiatives to make India a developed nation. These themes are India's culture, agriculture, women, natural resources, youth power, democracy and knowledge.

Finally, Shri Modi outlined an eight point key development model, with detailed initiatives on each, to put India back on high growth path and deliver good governance to the citizens.



Shri Narendra Modi has envisioned the concept of Brand India to build an Indian narrative for the twenty first century. Brand India comprises of 5Ts - Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism and Technology. Together, these 5Ts encapsulate all the strengths that, if harnessed fully, can propel India into leadership position in the community of nations.

Talent is harnessing the vast human resources of India and reaping the demographic dividend. Trade is engaging with the world community in mutually beneficial trade. Tradition is being proud of India's civilizational heritage and building a brand around our unity in diversity.

Tourism is harnessing the vast tourism potential of India. Technology is empowering the young of India to cement their reputation as technologically the best in the world.

3. T PLAN -


Shri Narendra Modi's detailed eight point development plan covers vital areas of national debate and has concrete proposals for each. The eight focus areas are Strengthening the federal structure, agriculture reforms, Urban development and infrastructure, Healthcare, Children and women's empowerment, inflation control, anti-corruption measures and education and job opportunities for youth.

The specific action items in each of the focus areas are time bound with quantifiable goals and are intended to achieve outcomes both in the immediate term as well as the medium term.

Implemented together, the development plan will put India back on high growth path, revive the economy, boost job growth and deliver good governance to the citizens.



The Rainbow Power of India, as envisaged by Shri Narendra Modi, encompasses the seven key focus areas that will become the fulcrum of most initiatives in the lead to the year 2022 - the platinum jubilee year of Indian independence.

The seven focus areas are knowledge, democracy, natural resources, agriculture, women empowerment, youth power and India's rich cultural heritage. Detailed action programs have been chalked out for each of these seven focus areas and they have been developed keeping SMART criteria in mind: the action programs shall be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-bound.

Together, as when the seven colours of the rainbow come together and brilliantly light up the sky, the Rainbow Power shall make India shine as a leader among the community of nations.

Brand India is about building a India of Tomorrow we all can be proud of.


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