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         All Members,
        Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


   Ref : All  Indian states are failure with regard the below  given  requirements list. The Chief ministers, and the political parties of all  most  all  states  are without any VISION.

The Major Requirements in the Nation's Development : -

1. Infrastructure. 2. Town / city plannings. 3. Discipline in the construction and uniform office buildings. / housings / shopping centers / government offices.

4. Garbage disposal / recycling management 5. Drainage facilities. 6. Public rest rooms/ toilets 7. Water management. 8. Recycling of used /waste water.

9. Rainwater management. 10. Parks/ playgrounds/ 11. small  children parks. 12. Public libraries. 13. Traffic and Road discipline.

14. Preservation of Nature./ Monuments etc. 15. Cleanliness. 16. Parking area wherever necessary  17. Animal care / control of owner less animals /

18. Defense forces  veteran care 19. Senior citizens / women / children care and protection. 20. Standard of Education. 21. Minimal  Standard   of living.

22. Wastage of manpower. 23. Directionless youth. / without any skills/ no interest in manual works. 24. General Discipline of the public.

25. Responsibility attitude among citizens. 26. Pollution control. 27. General public health. 28. Spiritual living . 29. Self-control among the public.

30. All one and equal feel, attitude, respect, and care.  AND MANY MORE  IN YOUR MIND  TOO....

All  Indian states are failure with regard of above  requirements list. The Chief ministers, and the political parties of all  most  all  states  are without any VISION.

1. UDF and LDF - Politicians under these parties - Do you have any answer to the public instead fault finding each other, you both are big failures, having done and spoiled this state into a  waste land with a directionless  non-working public.

2. To both Jayalaltha and Karunanidhi -You both - what you have done -are the heap of  wrongs  only. You both fooled the public by injecting separative tendencies to the public and lead the people away from the main stream Bharatham!

3. Mamata of Bengal  - Another failed head of state- with so many wrongs awaiting behind.

4. Communists - A dangerous group of people in various parties, a curse to this Nation, try to breakup this Nation, abuse Democracy, Hinduism  and so on.

5. Kejariwal, Mulayam, Lalu, Mayavathy, Nithish, and so on  all vulgar distracting forces, misleading people, wherever they are destruction everywhere....

6. Now the Religion based political parties mainly Muslims, Christians, are fundamental, and abuse Hindus and Hinduism,  far away from the Main stream Bharatham, in every respect, do not mind / believe in  peaceful coexistence.

7. All  dynastic family controlled political heads are fooling the public, public, a worst crowed vote for money, alcohol  and to any special offer  gifts, without any discrimination  and  common  sense, vote and elect fools, idiots, corruptible, characterless  leaders, so no need to tell the status of the governance.

8. The present generation, are not useless, but not used properly, politicians mishandle  and destroy them!

9. This Nation's Pithrukam is Sanatana Dharma, is abused in the name of Secularism, by disobeying the country's National song Vande Mataram, and so on...

10. All  citizens are  not  with  the  main stream, leaving few majority in the name of  minority  religions, ask special advantages, refuse common civil code, throw away respects to  this  country and abuse this Nation.

Note -

1. Prime minister of Bharatham has a vision, and doing well, but, Congress, communists, and all regional  factors do not extent any cooperation, but  create as  much nuisance so that the progress is disturbed.

2. The proof is -watch the proceedings of Lok / Rajya  Sabha live, you will  all  agree  with  me.

Thank you for reading
    To be continued ...with another topic.

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