Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals : 11.12.

Chapter-11.The Sport of the Infinite-12.
  ( Rasa-Lila message given on the 22nd of October, 1972.)

When God calls the human soul, what happens to it? This, the soul itself cannot understand, let alone the human tongue which is feeble in its expression. The great Veda Vyasa, in his majestic language, and his son, Sage Suka, in his brilliant exposition, try to give us a sort of intimation as to what it could have been. But poor is human understanding to understand its import, and poorer still is the human tongue.

Who can understand the Spirit but the Spirit itself! This was the pithy and the short answer given by Sage Suka to King Parikshit when he put a human question in respect of this transcendental matter. "Oh what is this!" exclaimed Parikshit. "How can I grasp this? How can I stomach this? What do you mean by this description which is not capable of being easily appreciated by the human mind?"

To this, Suka gave a divine answer in a divine manner, saying that divinity is different from humanity, and that man is not supposed to understand God through human faculties. "Na tu mam sakyase drashtum anenaiva svachakshusha, divyam dadami te chakshuh." "You cannot see Me with your fleshy eyes; I will give you divine vision!"

Swami Krishnananda
  To be continued ...


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