Spiritual Import of Religious Festivals -14.1.6 & 7.


Chapter :- 14.  The Gospel of the Bhagavadgita - 1.6 & 7.

1. Introduction -6. & 7.

The answer of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, representing the Unity of the cosmos, is simple and precise, though it is apparently a long gospel of many chapters. Arjuna was thoroughly mistaken in assessing the values of life.

Lord Krishna tells: "Your understanding is turbid; it is not clear enough to grasp the vitality of life. Nobody asked you to start the war. It is you who started this, and I merely said nothing against it. If you want it, have it and be done with it. After having started it of your own accord, relying on the strength of your own army, listening to nobody else's advice, what makes you now sing a different tune altogether, as if you are another person having nothing to do with the previous person that you were, who decided to wage the war?"

The answer of Arjuna was: "I do not know what to do. Tell me what is my duty." The answer is the Bhagavadgita which is supposed to be a gospel on duty.

What is the duty of man? I began by speaking of the four conflicts, which the Bhagavadgita endeavours to resolve.

To solve the first conflict Arjuna thought that battle is the only way. But before the war took place outside, a war broke out inside him. There was a psychological war which fumed up like wildfire within the mind of the hero, even before the outer social war took place.

Lord Krishna asks: "Do you know why this happens? Do you know why any war takes place at all? Why conflicts should arise at all? The ultimate cause of all conflicts – do you know what this is, Arjuna?"

Sri Krishna himself replies: "You do not know anything. You do not know that you have a higher conflict pushing you forward into a further external conflict. Behind the social conflict is the individual conflict. Behind the individual conflict, there is another conflict which is not apparent to the mind of any person!" But Krishna knew what it was.

To be continued ..

Swami Krishnananda
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