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PRESENT BHARATHAM:- Bharatham is a spiritual country, world acknowledges this view. Since liberalisation, new modernisation ,and globalisation started change occurred to great extent, we lost our culture along with this mad rush. We started to imitate western culture, began to neglect one's own mother tongue, in the mean time Gulf boom began, new rich germinated, boom of IT sector, and salary hike, one more rich germinated, lot of foreign exchange, a new genaration flew to western countries on job hunting,: these made a great impact on our ancient culture.
The media boom next, films,television channels, adverts, press, every thing changed. Women bodily exposures are visible in all areas from there, Internet, cellphones culture a curse to youngsters due to pornography, all advancement in technology became a sudden curse to the country, channels telecasts serials where women's cruel rolls started rolling, or weak rolls for women is a assured one, in films half naked showcase wo…


Rediscover Bharatham!!! Our Father of Nation Mahatma's dream was "Ramarajya in BAharatham". The word secularism may oppose the term used 'Ramarajyam', the term means a land of TRUTH AND VALUES. The Upanishadic culture is the culture of our country. The training given to the citizens of Bharatham to live this Sanatana Dharma is called Hinduism. Bharatham is a Spiritual country. BHA means Knowledge and ratham is one who lives, hence Bharatham means a country where people are living in knowledge. Modernisation, Globalisation , our political parties, our Rulers, our system, our education, parents, new generation, media, our dress code, blind imitation of western countries and many more causes of this. Science and technology is boon for good people, where demonic citizens take advantage and exploit these benefits into criminal activities, we had experience since Atom was mis-used, now the demonic activities is continuing.
Rulers keep open their eyes and ears open and …


Pratipaksha bhavana :- The previous two and three stanzas of Bhajagovindam the teacher (Swami Sankara) tried to to help the student to make correct judgement of the place of money and woman in a healthy man's dynamic living. They are not to serve as treacherous rocks upon which one's ship of life should get smashed and floundered. Here, next, Acharya is helping us to realise how ephemeral, and riddled with painful imperfections, is this uncertain existence of the embodied. Since life is so uncertain, and the world is in a sense nothing but sorrow, there is no time for any one to waste. Death rarely announces its visit, and unannounced it enters cities and hamlets, flats and fields. It respects neither the person nor the place that it visits. Therefore, strive right now. 'Now'and 'here'seems to be the urgency behind.  Swami Sankara in the 4th stanza of Bhajagovindam symbolises the extreme uncertainty of life, the analogy of a drop of water trembling from the tip…


WOMEN:- Biologically, nature has made man and woman, with a natural affinity for the charms of the opposite sex. This natural urge is to be controlled, disciplined, purified and sublimated. An intelligent intellect alone can achieve this. An animal cannot; to act according to its instincts and impulses is but its privilege.  The glory of man is that he can, by his rational intellect, curb and control the flow of his instincts for carnal pleasures and re-divert them, thus ultimately sublimating himself into something nobler and more divine. PRATIPAKSHA BHAVANA:- Here Swami Sankracharya in his book Bhajagovindam, slokam-3, gives us a line of thinking, which can be an efficient antidote to the fanciful price, that the body gives to the object of senses. The soft inviting bosom of your beloved, if scientifically analysed and mentally seen in its reality, will reveal itself to be compoed of only abhorrent flesh and fat, packed in a scaly skin! If these component parts are brought before y…


Wealth in itself is innocent; philosophy is not against wealth. It is said here; "Renounce wealth", but it is only the insatiable thirst for wealth that is to be given up. 'Desire-for-wealth' is the relationship that the individual keeps subjectively with the objects of the world, which he believes can probably give him happiness. The objects outside are not to be condemned  but man's relationship  with them is to be intelligent and chaste.
The practical man:- The practical man of the world, at this advice of the philosopher, asks a pertinent  question: "If possessions are not to be courted, if wealth is not to be acquired, how are we to live?"If a philosopher is impractical, the man of the world has got enough common sense to throw up the philosophy, and walk his path of joyous fulfillment. No honest philosopher can afford to preach something impractical, and impossible.
Swami Sankaracharya:- Sankara here indicates how we must live in the worl…